The Author:  Robert Ekstein spent 24 years in the tile industry as a manufacturer’s agent and tile importer and distributor. This guide was put together using the experience he gained when reporting to suppliers on quality related problems in the market, advising end users on solutions and consulting with suppliers on design and quality issues.

Nowadays Rob’s time is spent writing on his life experiences, commentating on personal issues and pursuing his geological science and engineering passions.

Tilespect is a basic guide to understanding ceramic and porcelain, wall and floor tile quality and lists the terminology you need to know. It is designed as a quick “how to” series of articles to help to reduce being stuck with an inferior product. It also features some quick explanations on terminology and the explanation of key concepts to help you choose the right product and to have some control over the quality of the outcome.

It includes some of the same techniques that tilers use for assessing whether the tiles delivered to a job are suitable and of the appropriate quality.

Tilespect will also put up a forum to help people to have their questions answered and so that their opinions and experiences can be shared.